Sharing the Love of Jesus

Welcome to the Snow Hill Christian Nursery School, a place where children learn and grow.

We are a Level 5 EXCELS program and are also accredited with the Maryland State Department of Education. Our number one priority is the families that entrust their child's education and care to us.

The Snow Hill Christian Nursery School operates with a loving atmosphere of Christian values and beliefs. Snow Hill Christian Nursery School is a sign of God’s people sharing Christ’s love with everyone in the community. All children are nurtured in such a way that they are afforded the opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Our Philosophy

Snow Hill Christian Nursery School provides stimulating activities that make learning fun, encourages cooperative social behavior and improves communication skills. These goals are accomplished in a positive and creative learning environment that promotes basic Christian beliefs.

Specific points of our philosophy include:

  • We provide a loving, safe environment where every child meets with success, a positive self-concept is enhanced, and independence and decision making are encouraged.

  • Self discipline is learned, and limits and expectations are known.

  • Cooperative play is encouraged. Activities are drawn from the curriculum areas of the bible, art, math, science, cooking, music and movement, social studies, practical life, dramatic play, language arts, manipulative and large muscle activities.

  • We strive to foster curiosity and focus on providing an environment that promotes self-discovery through hands-on learning and child-directed play.

  • Our curriculum instills a love of reading that will lay the foundation for future educational success.

  • We support our parents by encouraging involvement and maintaining open, honest communication about their child's development.

  • To establish awareness that we are all God’s children, living in a supportive God-created world, each with talents and gifts to share with others.

  • SNCNS is a non profit, non-denominational organization. Enrollment is open to all students regardless of sex, race, creed, ethnic background, or economic status.

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